Oh, Dear!

While showing my Rouzell.com website to a new prospect, I clicked on the Blog link and enjoyed the embarrassing moment of, “Oh, Dear!” It has been some time since I posted anything new. You may be saying, “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” And, I deserve that, too.

That is not what drew me back to post, though. What did is the realization that whenever I find something that works for me, I feel an obligation to share it with my people. That’s you, if you are reading this!

The title of this entry came from my search results for a tool to remove duplicate items from Outlook (that’s part of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus – if you really must know). You’d think they would have an acronym for that by now. Anyhow, I found a tool called ODIR. In my mind, pronounced; “Oh Dear!” That acronym stands for – you might have guessed – Outlook Duplicate Items Remover.

I would take the time to go through the set up and operation of this utility, but their help file is adequate and should fill that need. One caveat is that they have not updated their instructions to account for the change from menus to the ribbon implemented in the 201o version of Outlook. So, I’ll provide this one clue: Add-ins tab is where you’ll find the new tool. From there, it’s pretty easy to see what you can do.

If you need more help with any or all of this, click back over to Rouzell.com or the new MouseHelp.com for my contact information and call or write. I’ll talk to you then, or see you soon, whichever is most appropriate to your need.

If you need to know more about mousy search terms, or mouse help, you’ve come to the right place. Here at mousehelp.org, we can answer all of your mousy questions and even provide results for a long-tailed search, like; help me with my mouse – no pun intended! Here we add a link to computer mouse help, so we can compete with number one.

Retractable Screen Doors Available from Screenmobile

I’m going to strengthen my SEO chops with a challenge:

Soon, a link to the page on the Screenmobile Corporation website for retractable screen doors will appear on the first page of Google search results. Let’ see how long it takes to make this true! I first posted this challenge on Facebook on November 17th. Perhaps we’ll see our result before the end of this year, 2013.

First, we need a few sentences with our target phrase in the mix. Since we want Google to see where we mention retractable screen doors, that phrase is linked to Screenmobile’s web page for that family of products; we’ll have to provide a few morsels of spider chow with that association in place. Yes, we’ve already done it a few times on this page, but if you go to their site, you’ll find that Screenmobile offers no less than nine different manufacturers of retractable screen doors for our linking pleasure.

So, let’s talk about those nine choices right here!

Screenmobile has 9 different choices for Retractable Screen Doors

  1. Phantom Retractable Screens
  2. Mirage Retractable Screens
  3. Clearview Retractable Screens
  4. Stowaway Retractable Screens
  5. Aira Retractable Screens
  6. Vanishing Retractable Screens
  7. Reel Retractable Screens
  8. Genius Retractable Screens
  9. Roll-Away Retractable Screen Door



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