MoneyPak Virus

Money Pak Virus

You may have heard of this one. Hopefully, you will not have this experience. There is a (relatively) new virus going around that hijacks your computer, accuses you of criminal activity and warns that the FBI is coming to arrest you. If you want to remove this virus – according to their instructions – you are to purchase a moneypak for $200 and send them the money.

Here’s a link to a video on KATU News, from Portland. The best parts of the video are where they show a computer technician working inside of a computer – purportedly “scrubbing” the virus out of it. That’s just nonsense! The other good part is the end, where they take a parting shot at one of the people in the report. They say, maybe it pays to be a dog person!

In any case, if you know what you are doing, you won’t have to open your computer to remove the virus. Just boot into safe mode with networking, download Malwarebytes and ComboFix, run them and you should be back in business in about an hour. If you need help doing any of this, of course, you know you can call me for the help you need.

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