Branding ScreenMobile

Today, I posted this on Facebook.

“New project: Make the brand, “ScreenMobile” synonymous with “screen repair“. In the same way we say Kleenex and it means tissue, I want people to know that if they need any window screen repaired, or any custom screen installation done at home, there’s only one name you need to know; ScreenMobile. Marketing gurus, chime in!

This post is a continuation of that premise.

So, you have to ask, how did Kleenex come to mean tissue? Ask someone for a Kleenex, and you will get some kind of a tissue, made by any number of makers. The point is, the name and the brand is synonymous with the product. The chances are pretty good that you are going to buy Kleenex brand tissues, simply because you know that’s what you want. They are one in the same.

Furthermore, I want a search for the term retractable screen door to return a link to ScreenMobile’s website on the product page that discusses that particular product.

I’m starting this project on 10/15/2013. Let’s see how long it takes for ScreenMobile to dominate the search results for screen repair and retractable screen door.

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Retractable Screen Doors Available from Screenmobile

I’m going to strengthen my SEO chops with a challenge:

Soon, a link to the page on the Screenmobile Corporation website for retractable screen doors will appear on the first page of Google search results. Let’ see how long it takes to make this true! I first posted this challenge on Facebook on November 17th. Perhaps we’ll see our result before the end of this year, 2013.

First, we need a few sentences with our target phrase in the mix. Since we want Google to see where we mention retractable screen doors, that phrase is linked to Screenmobile’s web page for that family of products; we’ll have to provide a few morsels of spider chow with that association in place. Yes, we’ve already done it a few times on this page, but if you go to their site, you’ll find that Screenmobile offers no less than nine different manufacturers of retractable screen doors for our linking pleasure.

So, let’s talk about those nine choices right here!

Screenmobile has 9 different choices for Retractable Screen Doors

  1. Phantom Retractable Screen Doors
  2. Mirage Retractable Screen Doors
  3. Clearview Retractable Screen Doors
  4. Stowaway Retractable Screen Doors
  5. Aira Retractable Screen Doors
  6. Vanishing Retractable Screen Doors
  7. Reel Retractable Screen Doors
  8. Genius Retractable Screen Doors
  9. Roll-Away Retractable Screen Doors

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