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What Works

Search still works!

So, I did a search for “what works” and got some useful results. Skip that link, unless you have some time and an open mind for exploration of global change topics. Well, OK, many are local change topics, but you know what I mean! That is a pretty generic search, so you get some non-specific results.

Next, I searched for “what works in SEO now” and I got results that include many of the usual suspects. CB SEOSearch Engine Journal, Moz, Copyblogger, etc., they always have something useful to say on this topic. So, now I’m listening to an MP3 that I downloaded from Copyblogger, while I write the rest of this post.

They’re talking about “white hat SEO’s”, with the word SEO used as a noun, meaning people like me, who do the work. And, White Hat means we aren’t doing sneaky things to fool our readers or the search engines. Keyword research is the current topic of discussion, where we learn what search terms people use, which helps us understand how to optimize the content we put on the web, while at the same time complicating the thinking process. It’s easier to just write well, without thinking about how we need to understand (and optimize according to) keyword analysis. See what I mean?

Here’s what I think works and what you’ll find most relevant today (based on your research – not my opinion). Good content on your site, with appropriate links to pages that expand on the search term, is what ranks with the engines. In other words, just write something that makes sense first. Give somebody something useful and then go look at the good content you’ve created and evaluate it for opportunities to link phrases to other pages.

MP3 Player

Link to page with MP3 download.

It’s fun (for me) and useful to write while learning. The folks in the MP3 mentioned this link,

By TRACY GOLD, published SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 – A Food Pyramid for Content Marketing – so here it is. This is an example of good content, dedicated to giving you something of value, with the hope that you’ll sign up for their daily email feed, all designed to nudge you toward becoming a paid subscriber. Finally, they get to the money bit.

Palm Desert SEO

From Leaves of Gold – a random selection

From Leaves of Gold – a random selection, on page 79:
“Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God’s best gifts. It involves many things, but above all, the power of going out of one’s self and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another.”
― Thomas Hughes

Working on a new routine, building a new philosophy, happiness first.

How much power do you give to HootSuite?

How much power do you give to an app like HootSuite? I was going to connect my Google+ account here, but HootSuite wants permission to:
“More info
This app is requesting permission to create, edit, and delete circles on your behalf, and to add and remove people and pages from your circles.
When you add people or pages to your circles, you can share things with them, see what they’re sharing with you, and Hangout with them (if they also have you in their circles). People and pages you add may appear on your public Google+ profile and are notified that you added them, but they’re not told the names of your circles.”
Create, edit and delete Circles? No, I think I’ll retain control over those things! Thank you.

Credit Card Fraud – Target

How many blog posts start with the words, “By now you’ve heard…”?

It looks like at least one of my accounts has become a target for fraudulent charges. The sinking feeling I have is not for the potential loss of less than twenty dollars for the two charges, but for the loss of time involved in phone calls and other activities I’ll have to suffer through with my bank or banks to clear up this malady. In my business, every hour spent chasing down demons feels like another hundred dollars into the fire. I don’t even get to enjoy the heat.

While I cannot pin this down to the recent hacker activity at Target, I did a search for “CEWCS fraud” to find the entity trying to bill me for $9.84, twice in one account, on Christmas Eve, no less! I found another blogger had posted exactly that same name and transaction amount billed to a card he was sure he had used at the store. That is one long way of saying there are probably many people who will find similar charges on their accounts.

This writer has never been in the “misery loves company” camp. No tidings of comfort or joy are in this holiday season regarding this unpleasant event.

Bah, humbug, indeed!

Check your accounts. Only vigilance will save your money. Your time, however, will be spent.